Ashley Mandy is a diverse creative talent that has spent the majority of her career working as a successful professional makeup artist. Her resume includes working on the X-Factor with Simon Cowell, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, and countless fashion and advertising shoots that have taken her around the globe.  As her career grew, so did the admiration and respect from her peers for her creative ideas, and the more roles she began to take on. As a result Ashley now also works as a fashion stylist, interior stylist and creative director for a wide range of advertising clients in the beauty and luxury travel industry.

Skincare and the world of beauty has always been second nature to Ashley. Growing up with her father being one of the top dermatologists in the world, she was exposed to and educated on the latest and greatest in the cosmetics industry from a very young age. Ashley has always held a strong passion for the arts. She followed those instincts through school, attending the California College of Arts in San Francisco and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles studying Visual Communication and Fine Art. It was while living in LA that she realized makeup artistry was the perfect combination of her skills, knowledge, and passions.

Ashley grew up in Aspen, CO, is now based in Miami, FL, but considers the world to be her office. For all the excitement and glamour that come with the job, she says there’s one main reason she wouldn’t chose any other career.

“There are many reasons I love what I do, but the number one thing that keeps me going is being able to give the gift of self-confidence to my clients. Showing them how easy it is to bring out their true beauty, seeing the transformation in the way they see themselves is a wonderful feeling. It may be a small contribution, but this is my way of trying to make the world a more beautiful place.”  

-Ashley Mandy